A sip of water sometimes lasts so many memories, adventures with friends and it was never only on a desert, or a thrilled chase, still, you know..

It's a pill often you run your timeless dreams and how they become memories end of the day, like a comic Interstellar but then stardust we have, sometime a lapse nearly... A chase master ever fail upon meeting of that drama all around the musical background, and chill, they end up show!!

Kinda fascination and signature expressions for only whom they put a list of gratitude that anytime started, godo! a blank page they own, tendered 😂

Interesting challenge is how one beyond the triumph, and merely a well shuffled script, even though attempting that the point of tip' rules we could have been well.

Real truths, the way of doing good and being good, also known fights, noon times, moon shades, a calm day, thought a heart, shh!

Card deck is free to collect, or discard, also a penalty is grace if one founds you make routines, of any actions respectively colors and numbers. The main theme originated Spanish term means 'one.